SM1702 Creative Media Studio 1 (L05) Object & Installation-Christina Lee Tsz Yan 54409610

Review (Week 7):


  1. Paper construction (individual)
  2. Clay work (individual)
  3. Composite objects (individual)
  4. Installation/ situation project (group)

In-class notes:


Activity 1:


Working plan:

Title: Stressful Clock

Time is valuable as it is scarce.

  1. Career pursuit
  2. Make memories with our beloved ones
  3. Enjoy life/ Pursuit of happiness
  4. Earn money/ meet the standard of living

Size: 12-inch x 12-inch

Material: Clay

Color: Gray color tone (to show the anxiety and tension)

Venue: 3rd floor of Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre (exhibition area)

Volume: Solid – would be quite heavy

Description: This installation involves viewers’ participation. Visitors are allowed to relieve their stress and vent their emotions by creating shapes and doing with clay. This artwork will combine the sentiment of all the participants.


Activity 2: Looking for the obscure object of our desires

Follow-up activities:



Joseph ,C.(2013, March 28).Who Invented the Mirror?.Retrieved from

Mirror History.(n.d.).Retrieved from

Activity 3: Objects with an attitude

Follow-up activities:



Family is an integral part of our lives as they always give us unconditional love and support. Although sometimes, my elder brother and I may quarrel over unnecessary matters, we get along well with one another. He is not a talented artist and he works in science and environmental fields, but on my 18th birthday, he gave me a wooden box as present, it was unique and totally different from any other wooden boxes. Although this handmade present didn’t live up to his expectation, I think this is the world’s best birthday gift ever as he tried his hardest to carve some patterns on the wooden box and it will certainly become one of my valuable memories in my life.


Symbolic meaning of stars:

  1. Hope
  2. Dream
  3. Guard






This represents “anxiety”. With packed schedules, daily stress encountered by students increases drastically, and the suicide phenomenon becomes an alarming trend in Hong Kong. In the right dose, stress can be beneficial as it acts as a motivation to weather the storm. However, due to the highly competitive environment as a knowledge-based society, it leads students to suffer from a multitude of psychological problems such as insomnia, depression, anorexia, etc.

I constantly judge myself and always feel anxious about my schoolwork. I am afraid of making mistakes and I always keep pace with the school schedule. Schoolwork makes me feel overstrained and sometimes, I may not have appetite for food and even burn the mid-night oil to accomplish the tasks given by the school. The above paper construction presents the image of my persistent anxious thoughts and confusion.



This represents “persistence”. Though the over-stressed and cut-throat learning environment makes me feel extremely anxious, I always pull out all the stops to focus on the problem and seek solutions. In the hardship of packed schedules, students usually try to shy away from the existing problems, however, it will instead fuel the problem and lead them to gloomy future.

Persistence is the key to success, there is nothing to lose and we should always give a try in solving problems. Sometimes, we may face failure, however, every life experience enrich our lives and broaden our horizons, it even leads us to brace ourselves for encounter other life challenges.The above paper construction shows a tower standing on the hill, it means that I feel calm and patient when coping with difficulties.

2D graphic:












This paper construction shows the formation of a country and it takes China as an example,so we can see that there is a hidden star representing China at the bottom. The roof and the homelike structure mean the country provides shelter and protection for its citizens. If the government would like to implement certain policies or construction, it must gain support from its people so as to maintain social harmony and prevent rebellions. To add on, the country itself must elect strong and capable leader, or else it may lead the country to suffer from various social and economic problems.Lastly, the country must build strong diplomatic relations, so, whenever the country needs help, other countries may lend a helping hand.

3D formation:














Living and surviving in today’s society is no simple task, everyone has to go through many hardships in order to achieve success, therefore, the above paper construction shows a boat sails in high waves and the scene takes place near the beach. The boat represents our existence in the society while the waves and the shark symbolize the obstacles we face when striving for our dreams. Sometimes, things do not go smoothly and we may run into difficulties in which we may feel hopeless and helpless. The white tower acts as a prompt, reminding us that we can stop and think what is the best solution to solve problems and home is always our powerful backing as family always give us unconditional love, care and support.



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