SM1702 Creative Media Studio 1 (L05) Object & Installation-Christina Lee Tsz Yan 54409610 Lecture 2

Review (Week 8):

In-class notes:




In-class Exercise (Working with Clay)

Exercise 1:

Eyes closed, create a shape using bare hands only.

Give a title to the shape and explain why








Title: Imperfection


Some of us may feel depressed and helpless when we can’t meet a certain standard as others. However, everyone is unique and imperfection is beautiful. We should always appreciate our own strengths and embrace our weaknesses at the same time, for instance, some of the famous athletes overcame their physical disabilities, showing their bravery by participating in a multitude of international sports events. It is not all about victory, but their inspiring attitude to realize their dreams and gain satisfaction.

The work above presents an image of human imperfection. Sometimes, our imperfections may drive us to emptiness and we have totally no idea of what’s going on, meanwhile, instead of feeling useless, we should explore our outstanding talents and develop them.

Exercise 2:

Listen to the music, and create a shape or series of shapes that can represent the sound or a part of the sound.

Describe your work.


French Kettle Station.(2012, August 25).Tim Hecker – Haunt Me, Haunt Me Do It Again [Full Album].Retrieved from



This piece of electronic music gave me an uneasy feeling in the first place, especially the frequency, and I imagined a world that was full of adventure and exploration. My idea basically came from the scenes that shown in movies or films, depicting the adventurers travel to islands by sailing wooden boats. Traveling to islands as an adventure can be a thrilling and suspenseful experience, and the music exactly expressed the corresponding emotions.

The work above shows an adventure scenery and I made it based on the given music. The wooden boat represents that the adventurer goes on his own lonely adventure and the sculpture presents an image of desolate land in which there are no human residents on the island.

In-class assignment 2

Build an object that represent yourself.

Give it a title.

Where to place this object?








Title: Tough


This sculpture shows my tough personality. The surface of the rock is rough in which it represents my strong character while the waves symbolize the difficulties I encounter in daily live. I seldom give up and I always accomplish everything to the best of my ability though I may not good at it. Wandering back to college days, I suffered from hard times, I was extremely depressed and I experienced insomnia. I visited the social workers from our school for several times, seeking for solutions and comfort. I know that tough times never last. Later, I learn to be optimistic and always think in a positive way. I believe that everything has its way to settle. I would like to place this object on my working desk so that I can easily see it and it reminds me of staying strong.



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