SM1702 Creative Media Studio 1 (L05) Object & Installation-Christina Lee Tsz Yan 54409610 Lecture 5

Review (Week 11)


Title: Viewing Life

Group members: Linda, Christina, Betty

2016-04-20 02.15.17

2016-04-20 02.15.33

2016-04-20 02.15.49

2016-04-20 02.16.02


2016-04-20 02.21.13

2016-04-20 02.21.27

2016-04-20 02.23.06

2016-04-20 02.16.18

2016-04-20 02.20.57


We used the method of curve stitching to create a space within a diamond shaped window. The two sides of curves form a shape which is similar to an eye, implying that people should broaden their horizons by seeing things in different angles while the holes in between the ropes give a meaning of having failures and making mistakes in life.

We used hemp rope to create the artwork on the grounds of having limited resources. In fact, we would like to form the space by using colorful strings and arranging them from red to purple like the photo shown below to create better visual effects if we could have more materials. The colors used will symbolize a rainbow, representing wonderful things in life that people should be appreciative of, instead of waiting for imperfection to overtake them.

Through this installation, we are aiming at encouraging people to be optimistic about everything in life by viewing things in a widen perspective instead of dwelling on the past and focusing on one’s loss. In this way, they can gain insights and change their attitude to enjoy every little thing as life is not long at all for criticizing oneself or others and every hardship that we encounter can be considered as an experience for us to change for the better.


Fig.1 The arrangement of the colorful strings.




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