SM1702 Creative Media Studio 1 (L05) Object & Installation-Christina Lee Tsz Yan 54409610 Lecture 6

Review (Week 12)

Installation/ situation project (group)

Title: A Guide in the Deep Sea

Group members: Linda, Christina, Betty

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Inspired by the lanternfish in the Disney movie of Finding Nemo, we decided to make a lanternfish with the help of toilet paper tubes, glassine and lights (finger lights and glow sticks). In Finding Nemo, the lanternfish appears to be an ugly creature, giving an uneasy feeling to the audience. We chose to place it in the dark theatre in CMC as it is dark enough with a few blue lights glowing. It gives a feeling of the mysterious deep ocean, which is the habitat of the lanternfish. For the materials, we decided to use paper tubes because there are holes at the end of the two sides of them. Thus, light could pass through the lanternfish, creating the glowing effect.

Lanternfish is one of the deep sea creatures and the origin of its name is mainly based on its ability of producing light. We picked lanternfish as our project direction as it is the minor fish that can glow in the deep sea and guide the other fishes. Also, we want to convey an idea that we should see things in different perspectives instead of just focusing on one angle, for example, we shouldn’t judge anyone by his/her appearance as this does not concerned with one’s ability. The lantern fish symbolizes the bright road that leads people to find the solutions when they encounter difficulties.

Further improvement we would like to make:

Due to the limited amount of materials, we could only make one fish. But if we could, we would like to create more little fishes in the same space, as well as to rearrange the shape of the lanternfish to make it have more connections with the oceans. We would make it the main character of the artwork, releasing bright light that spreads to the bodies of other little fishes. Therefore, the lanternfish will look like using its light to help and guide other fishes in the deep sea.




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