SM1702 Creative Media Studio 1 (L05) Object & Installation-Christina Lee Tsz Yan 54409610 Lecture 6

Review (Week 12)

Installation/ situation project (group)

Title: A Guide in the Deep Sea

Group members: Linda, Christina, Betty

2016-04-20 02.14.522016-04-20 02.10.492016-04-20 02.11.192016-04-20 02.11.372016-04-20 02.11.512016-04-20 02.12.102016-04-20 02.12.442016-04-20 02.13.052016-04-20 02.13.302016-04-20 02.13.442016-04-20 02.14.022016-04-20 02.14.202016-04-20 02.14.52


Inspired by the lanternfish in the Disney movie of Finding Nemo, we decided to make a lanternfish with the help of toilet paper tubes, glassine and lights (finger lights and glow sticks). In Finding Nemo, the lanternfish appears to be an ugly creature, giving an uneasy feeling to the audience. We chose to place it in the dark theatre in CMC as it is dark enough with a few blue lights glowing. It gives a feeling of the mysterious deep ocean, which is the habitat of the lanternfish. For the materials, we decided to use paper tubes because there are holes at the end of the two sides of them. Thus, light could pass through the lanternfish, creating the glowing effect.

Lanternfish is one of the deep sea creatures and the origin of its name is mainly based on its ability of producing light. We picked lanternfish as our project direction as it is the minor fish that can glow in the deep sea and guide the other fishes. Also, we want to convey an idea that we should see things in different perspectives instead of just focusing on one angle, for example, we shouldn’t judge anyone by his/her appearance as this does not concerned with one’s ability. The lantern fish symbolizes the bright road that leads people to find the solutions when they encounter difficulties.

Further improvement we would like to make:

Due to the limited amount of materials, we could only make one fish. But if we could, we would like to create more little fishes in the same space, as well as to rearrange the shape of the lanternfish to make it have more connections with the oceans. We would make it the main character of the artwork, releasing bright light that spreads to the bodies of other little fishes. Therefore, the lanternfish will look like using its light to help and guide other fishes in the deep sea.



SM1702 Creative Media Studio 1 (L05) Object & Installation-Christina Lee Tsz Yan 54409610 Lecture 5

Review (Week 11)


Title: Viewing Life

Group members: Linda, Christina, Betty

2016-04-20 02.15.17

2016-04-20 02.15.33

2016-04-20 02.15.49

2016-04-20 02.16.02


2016-04-20 02.21.13

2016-04-20 02.21.27

2016-04-20 02.23.06

2016-04-20 02.16.18

2016-04-20 02.20.57


We used the method of curve stitching to create a space within a diamond shaped window. The two sides of curves form a shape which is similar to an eye, implying that people should broaden their horizons by seeing things in different angles while the holes in between the ropes give a meaning of having failures and making mistakes in life.

We used hemp rope to create the artwork on the grounds of having limited resources. In fact, we would like to form the space by using colorful strings and arranging them from red to purple like the photo shown below to create better visual effects if we could have more materials. The colors used will symbolize a rainbow, representing wonderful things in life that people should be appreciative of, instead of waiting for imperfection to overtake them.

Through this installation, we are aiming at encouraging people to be optimistic about everything in life by viewing things in a widen perspective instead of dwelling on the past and focusing on one’s loss. In this way, they can gain insights and change their attitude to enjoy every little thing as life is not long at all for criticizing oneself or others and every hardship that we encounter can be considered as an experience for us to change for the better.


Fig.1 The arrangement of the colorful strings.


SM1702 Creative Media Studio 1 (L05) Object & Installation-Christina Lee Tsz Yan 54409610 Lecture 4

Review (Week 10)

In-class notes:


2 (1)

3 (1).jpg


Composite objects

Title: Maternal Love (final)

2016-04-06 00.47.11

2016-04-06 00.47.00

2016-04-06 00.46.47

2016-04-06 00.46.13

2016-04-06 00.46.34

2016-04-06 00.45.57

2016-04-06 00.45.43

2016-04-06 00.45.28

2016-04-06 00.45.17

2016-04-06 00.45.04


Great mothers give birth to their children, comfort and guide them back on the right path when they get lost. Sometimes, we may find that our mothers are annoying, they keep an eye on us and ask us to do something that we are not willing to, but in fact, they are the ones who actually care about us and love us, giving unconditional support to us. They always worry about our future and help us solve daily challenge by sharing their life experiences.

The above installation shows the greatness of a mother, therefore, the objects that I chose were commonly used by our mothers, so it can symbolize motherhood, they include clothes-hanger, pegs, sleep-in curler and hair elastic. I composited these objects to form an image of a mother, presenting that our mothers always apply all their energies to do housework and take good care of us. I would like to display it in the kitchen as kitchen is always the working place for our mothers.

Title: Guitar Loves

2016-04-06 00.40.24

2016-04-06 00.40.42

2016-04-06 00.41.00

2016-04-06 00.41.17

2016-04-06 00.41.36

2016-04-06 00.41.54

2016-04-06 00.42.08


I am a devoted lover of music and I love listening to all types of music. Music can alter our moods, lowering our stress levels and keeping us consistently happy. Although I never try to learn how to play a guitar, I appreciate those who excel in playing it and singing songs at the same time, they’re really cool! Playing guitar can also help us communicate with our emotions and heal our souls, reducing the chance of getting depressed.

The above installation forms an image of a guitar, the pink hair elastic represents passion and energy as pink belongs to the red color tone, while the angles of the hexagonal iron box means that life is no simple task, we have to go through a lot of difficulties in order to achieve success. I would like to place it on my piano, so it can always remind me that I need to be optimistic in life.

Title: Collaboration

2016-04-06 00.44.49

2016-04-06 00.44.36

2016-04-06 00.44.21

2016-04-06 00.44.10

2016-04-06 00.43.56

2016-04-06 00.43.41

2016-04-06 00.43.26

2016-04-06 00.43.11

2016-04-06 00.42.57

2016-04-06 00.42.43

2016-04-06 00.42.29

2016-04-06 00.42.29

2016-04-06 00.42.43

2016-04-06 00.42.57

2016-04-06 00.43.11

2016-04-06 00.43.26

2016-04-06 00.43.41

2016-04-06 00.43.56

2016-04-06 00.44.10

2016-04-06 00.44.21

2016-04-06 00.44.36

2016-04-06 00.44.49


In modern society, every post requires collaboration to reach a consensus and raise efficiency. Collaborating with others not only help us see an event in a widen perspective, but also help work things out via exchanging and accepting alternative ideas and viewpoints, obtaining a win-win situation. Imperative as teamwork is, it fosters better interpersonal relationships and minimize conflicts in a team.

I think the above installation can be put in office as it shows that two people are striking a balance in order to make the clothes-hanger stand. This implies that collaboration provides a strong incentive for people to put oneself in others’ shoes and strive for a consensus.

(SM1702) CMS1 Integrated Studio Project (ISP) Online Process Diary 2_Christina Lee Tsz Yan 54409610


Do things(to convey environmental protection messages-persuading/influencing the public) with cross-media art (sketches+ photographic images+ text+ video+ sound)

Artist Statement:

My artwork shares a critical view of ongoing environmental issues by highlighting the main causes of various environmental problems, describing how human behaviors pose a threat to the environment. Thus, it can raise pubic awareness towards environmental conservation, people can reflect on their daily habits and adopt green living so as to achieve sustainable development. In this project, I would like to combine sketches, photographic images, sound, text and video to create a cross-media artwork, demonstrating the negative impacts brought by human activities and impress my audience to take actions and protect the environment step by step. I will produce 15-20 images by merging sketches and photographs, displaying them by creating a video clip.







  1. Wastewater+ factories (sketching)/ open space near the sea (photograph)
  2. Sewage (sketching)/ faucet (photograph)
  3. Steamboat+ gasoline (sketching)/ sea(photograph)
  4. Garbage (sketching)/ sea (photograph)
  5. Industrial waste gas+ factories (sketching)/ open space (photograph)
  6. Exhaust gas (sketching)/ private car (photograph)
  7. Chemical pesticide (sketching)/ farm (photograph)
  8. Neon light signs (sketching)/ commercial buildings (photograph)
  9. Light bulb (sketching)/ home (photograph)
  10. Streetlights (sketching)/ night streets (photograph)
  11. Wood (sketching)/ scenery of nature (photograph)
  12. Fire (sketching)/ Garbage (photograph)
  13. Landfill + exhaust gas(sketching)/ open space (photograph)



  • Comparison between digital sketching and hand drawn pencil sketches

Digital sketching and hand drawn pencil sketches drawn by me:Drawing (25)拷貝

Drawing (26)拷貝

Drawing (28)拷貝.png

Drawing (30)拷貝

Drawing (32).png

isp (1)

isp1 (1)



Merging photographic images with digital sketches/ hand drawn pencil sketches:

As I am not good at merging photographic images with sketches using photoshop, I have been searching a few webpages that offer tutorials.









SM1702 Creative Media Studio 1 (L05) Object & Installation-Christina Lee Tsz Yan 54409610 Lecture 3

Review (Week 9):

In-class notes:



In-class exercise: playing with textures/ parts and whole

Title: Perspective



In order to survive in modern society, we have to be open-minded and keep connected to the outside world as the information provided transforms our perspective of seeing things and we can examine numerous circumstances from different angles. However, some of us always indulge in our own world and ignore what’s happening around us. This may cause us to become narcissistic and neglect the opinions of others.

The above sculpture combines a pair of toy glasses and the clay. This pair of toy glasses is one of my childhood memories as I don’t suffer from any eye problems and I think people who wear glasses are very cool! It can also be interpreted that putting on glasses is a new angle of seeing things. I used the clay to make three people, representing oneself suffers from depression and feels directionless. The implication of the whole piece is that we should always step out of our comfort zone into a whole new world, receive more messages and information through different channels in the society and change our mindsets as well as our attitudes towards life.


SM1702 Creative Media Studio 1 (L05) Object & Installation-Christina Lee Tsz Yan 54409610 Lecture 2

Review (Week 8):

In-class notes:




In-class Exercise (Working with Clay)

Exercise 1:

Eyes closed, create a shape using bare hands only.

Give a title to the shape and explain why








Title: Imperfection


Some of us may feel depressed and helpless when we can’t meet a certain standard as others. However, everyone is unique and imperfection is beautiful. We should always appreciate our own strengths and embrace our weaknesses at the same time, for instance, some of the famous athletes overcame their physical disabilities, showing their bravery by participating in a multitude of international sports events. It is not all about victory, but their inspiring attitude to realize their dreams and gain satisfaction.

The work above presents an image of human imperfection. Sometimes, our imperfections may drive us to emptiness and we have totally no idea of what’s going on, meanwhile, instead of feeling useless, we should explore our outstanding talents and develop them.

Exercise 2:

Listen to the music, and create a shape or series of shapes that can represent the sound or a part of the sound.

Describe your work.


French Kettle Station.(2012, August 25).Tim Hecker – Haunt Me, Haunt Me Do It Again [Full Album].Retrieved from



This piece of electronic music gave me an uneasy feeling in the first place, especially the frequency, and I imagined a world that was full of adventure and exploration. My idea basically came from the scenes that shown in movies or films, depicting the adventurers travel to islands by sailing wooden boats. Traveling to islands as an adventure can be a thrilling and suspenseful experience, and the music exactly expressed the corresponding emotions.

The work above shows an adventure scenery and I made it based on the given music. The wooden boat represents that the adventurer goes on his own lonely adventure and the sculpture presents an image of desolate land in which there are no human residents on the island.

In-class assignment 2

Build an object that represent yourself.

Give it a title.

Where to place this object?








Title: Tough


This sculpture shows my tough personality. The surface of the rock is rough in which it represents my strong character while the waves symbolize the difficulties I encounter in daily live. I seldom give up and I always accomplish everything to the best of my ability though I may not good at it. Wandering back to college days, I suffered from hard times, I was extremely depressed and I experienced insomnia. I visited the social workers from our school for several times, seeking for solutions and comfort. I know that tough times never last. Later, I learn to be optimistic and always think in a positive way. I believe that everything has its way to settle. I would like to place this object on my working desk so that I can easily see it and it reminds me of staying strong.

SM1702 Creative Media Studio 1 (L05) Object & Installation-Christina Lee Tsz Yan 54409610

Review (Week 7):


  1. Paper construction (individual)
  2. Clay work (individual)
  3. Composite objects (individual)
  4. Installation/ situation project (group)

In-class notes:


Activity 1:


Working plan:

Title: Stressful Clock

Time is valuable as it is scarce.

  1. Career pursuit
  2. Make memories with our beloved ones
  3. Enjoy life/ Pursuit of happiness
  4. Earn money/ meet the standard of living

Size: 12-inch x 12-inch

Material: Clay

Color: Gray color tone (to show the anxiety and tension)

Venue: 3rd floor of Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre (exhibition area)

Volume: Solid – would be quite heavy

Description: This installation involves viewers’ participation. Visitors are allowed to relieve their stress and vent their emotions by creating shapes and doing with clay. This artwork will combine the sentiment of all the participants.


Activity 2: Looking for the obscure object of our desires

Follow-up activities:



Joseph ,C.(2013, March 28).Who Invented the Mirror?.Retrieved from

Mirror History.(n.d.).Retrieved from

Activity 3: Objects with an attitude

Follow-up activities:



Family is an integral part of our lives as they always give us unconditional love and support. Although sometimes, my elder brother and I may quarrel over unnecessary matters, we get along well with one another. He is not a talented artist and he works in science and environmental fields, but on my 18th birthday, he gave me a wooden box as present, it was unique and totally different from any other wooden boxes. Although this handmade present didn’t live up to his expectation, I think this is the world’s best birthday gift ever as he tried his hardest to carve some patterns on the wooden box and it will certainly become one of my valuable memories in my life.


Symbolic meaning of stars:

  1. Hope
  2. Dream
  3. Guard






This represents “anxiety”. With packed schedules, daily stress encountered by students increases drastically, and the suicide phenomenon becomes an alarming trend in Hong Kong. In the right dose, stress can be beneficial as it acts as a motivation to weather the storm. However, due to the highly competitive environment as a knowledge-based society, it leads students to suffer from a multitude of psychological problems such as insomnia, depression, anorexia, etc.

I constantly judge myself and always feel anxious about my schoolwork. I am afraid of making mistakes and I always keep pace with the school schedule. Schoolwork makes me feel overstrained and sometimes, I may not have appetite for food and even burn the mid-night oil to accomplish the tasks given by the school. The above paper construction presents the image of my persistent anxious thoughts and confusion.



This represents “persistence”. Though the over-stressed and cut-throat learning environment makes me feel extremely anxious, I always pull out all the stops to focus on the problem and seek solutions. In the hardship of packed schedules, students usually try to shy away from the existing problems, however, it will instead fuel the problem and lead them to gloomy future.

Persistence is the key to success, there is nothing to lose and we should always give a try in solving problems. Sometimes, we may face failure, however, every life experience enrich our lives and broaden our horizons, it even leads us to brace ourselves for encounter other life challenges.The above paper construction shows a tower standing on the hill, it means that I feel calm and patient when coping with difficulties.

2D graphic:












This paper construction shows the formation of a country and it takes China as an example,so we can see that there is a hidden star representing China at the bottom. The roof and the homelike structure mean the country provides shelter and protection for its citizens. If the government would like to implement certain policies or construction, it must gain support from its people so as to maintain social harmony and prevent rebellions. To add on, the country itself must elect strong and capable leader, or else it may lead the country to suffer from various social and economic problems.Lastly, the country must build strong diplomatic relations, so, whenever the country needs help, other countries may lend a helping hand.

3D formation:














Living and surviving in today’s society is no simple task, everyone has to go through many hardships in order to achieve success, therefore, the above paper construction shows a boat sails in high waves and the scene takes place near the beach. The boat represents our existence in the society while the waves and the shark symbolize the obstacles we face when striving for our dreams. Sometimes, things do not go smoothly and we may run into difficulties in which we may feel hopeless and helpless. The white tower acts as a prompt, reminding us that we can stop and think what is the best solution to solve problems and home is always our powerful backing as family always give us unconditional love, care and support.

(SM1702) CMS1 Integrated Studio Project (ISP) Christina Lee Tsz Yan 54409610

Theme: “How to do things with (cross-media) art”

Interpretation of the topic:

Any fair-minded person will agree that art is the exploration of aesthetics, however, from my perspective, it is more about the inner expression of oneself towards the community. With the advanced technology, devoted lovers of art are able to use different approach and media to reveal their thoughts and feelings, bringing out the best in their frames of mind. In contemporary society, art can be a highly influential medium that raises public awareness towards social issues or public affairs. Diverse voices and opinions of certain issues are implied in some of the art pieces for viewers to reflect on, moulding people’s perception of the world and developing a better sense of community.



Do things(to convey environmental protection messages-advertising/ promoting strategies) with cross-media art (painting+ photographic images+ text)

Environmental conservation becomes an increasingly pressing issue around the globe and everyone should take their individual responsibility in protecting the planet for future generations, slowing down the rate of global warming. Climate change has been a long-standing problem discussed in Kyoto Protocol in 1992 in which environmentalists express grave concern over the seriousness of the emissions of greenhouse gases.


My artwork will basically offer viewers an insight into the precious nature and raise their awareness by conveying environmental protection messages. I would like to combine painting, photographic images and text to create a cross-media artwork which can grab viewers’ attention towards environmental problems and reflect on their daily habits, gaining insights into human impacts on the environment. If time is allowed, I will also produce a video which shows the beauty of nature.


Mind map concerning about environmental problems


A brief draft of how to combine photographic images and sketching



1. City Cookie (1999-2003)  Leung Chi Wo,  Sara Chi Hang Wong


By taking photographic images, the project “City Cookie” captures the shape of city skylines and transforms them into crispy, crunchy and tasty cookies that serves the visitors, providing them an unprecedented visual experience to learn more about the city’s characteristics.


Explore the city space in Hong Kong


  • Photography skills and techniques
  • Deteriorating air quality brought by the wall effect of high-rise buildings


2. The Sketch of a Life

Sébastien Del Grosso


“The Sketch of a Life” is a self-portrait series that combines sketching and photography to illustrate the significant events of the artist’s life, bringing the images into reality and making them more vivid.


Depicting human emotions


  • Sketching skills
  • Skills of editing photos using Photoshop
  • Combination of photography and illustration




3. Creating a picture in a picture


Due to the rapid development in technology, it provides various forms of multimedia entertainment and offers added value experiences for mobile phone/ computer users, they can download state-of-the-art applications, such as PicsArt, to edit photos step by step and create a picture in a picture.


  • Skills of creating a picture in a picture

Adopting the idea above, I would like to create a sketching in a picture.


4. Text Art and Typography

Craig Ward


  • Techniques of creating images by text
  • Provide clear information and is easily digested by the readers than using lengthy paragraphs
  • The style of text art and typography makes it more interesting for the readers keeping on reading

Use text art and typography to spread the message of environmental protection.


5. Tutorial onlines 

I looked up some of tutorials online and I found them useful, therefore, I will search for more videos in order to perfect my skills of sketching.








Equipment request:

Canon EOS 5D Mark II Digital SLR

Camera with Canon Shoulder Strap, Canon Body Cap x 1.

Package Included: 1) Sandisk 32GB Extreme Compact Flash Card (No.1).

2) Canon Charger (LC-E6E) for Canon 5D Series DSLR Camera.

3) Carryng Bag for Canon 5D MK II.



15 Current Environmental Problems That Our World is Facing

What is the Kyoto protocol and has it made any difference?

City Cookie

Take a bite of the crispy sky in the City Cookie exhibition

Sébastien Del Grosso: The Sketch Of A Life

Sebastien del Grosso Combines Drawing With Photography In A Uniquely Surreal Way:

How to Create a Picture in a Picture #editstepbystep

Text Art and Typography – Inspirational Showcase of Digital Art

5 Typography Artists Worth Following

How to draw a rising smoke cloud or explosion cloud

How To Draw A Tree: Narrated step by step

How to Draw Water with Calm Waves